Monday, December 08, 2014


This is genius. You can hire someone to come to your home and hydrate you or a family member when you are feeling down and out.I wish I had this when My dad was going through chemotherapy. Pretty cool.


Alfred Club. It’s a new-to-NYC service that sends a personal assistant to stop by your house once a week on whatever day you want. They’ll do all the tasks listed above, plus pick up your prescriptions, get your shoes repaired, switch out flower arrangements--pretty much anything for only $99 a month (so, $25 a visit). You'll have more time to spend time with your kids and for yourself! Click the title above to read more on it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


check this out on etsy. super chic. $5. click above to get the link.


My favorite new florist in Los Angeles is YASMINE FLORAL DESIGN. Yasmine happens to be the most talented hipster artist chick doing the most unbelieveable floral designs that I've ever seen in LA. Serious talent. Hire her before she becomes too big. Seriously...she's amazing.

To reach her, click on the title above.


There are perfect for spring. Boho chic scarves...all under $40. I just ordered 3 of them. LOVE...


I'm in love with these I found on etsy. Very bohemian but chic.  Under $30.
check it out by clicking on the title above.

Friday, March 29, 2013


A friend and client of mine, Yasmine Johnson, told me about this amazing company today. Its perfect for photo shoots or parties! Check it out.


I just got back from London and Paris. When I came home, its appears that my website host had some issues and now when you google my name, my website doesn't come up. Please click on the title above to get you to my website, in case you don't want to type in the "www"...
Here are some fun photos I took of my European Clients. Different attire, same fun.

Saturday, February 09, 2013


A client of mine asked me what my dining room paint color was the other day and I forgot. I looked it up and I was in a Apartement Therapy contents for the best paint color, so I found the link to remind my self what color I picked just in case.  BEHR'S NEVERLAND.
I also like the other contestant colors as well, so if you click on title above, it will lead you to some good ideas if you are considering repainting a room.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Since my dad got cancer, I've been doing alot of research and talked to numerous doctors about where to buy vitamins. Is the ones sold at Costco or Whole foods good enough?

The bottom line from every doctor and the City of hope Cancer center was...its better to take it every day and be consistent, that worry about where to buy them and buy less and eat them less often.

I found a place that a doctor at the Cancer Center recommended. Expensive, but the best. You can read about it by clicking on the title above. Its a bit more expensive, but now that I've learned that health is everything, I would rather skip out on that designer hat on sale or  the new hip shoe in style,  and chose to spend my money eating more expensive organic food and better vitamins. Its a real buzzkill to be sick and after seeing what it does to someone that was a vegetarian and super active and healthy, I want to avoid being sick as much as I can.

The webite's best sellers are:

Check it out.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This is my favorite new thing I found a few weeks ago, with the help of my friend Yasmine Johnson.

This is a food delivery service for new mother's like Yasmine, who have just given birth, but don't have the time to think about preparing meals when she's just trying to get thru all the kids knaps and breastfeedings!
One day after our shoot a few weeks ago, she invited me to stay and share a meal that she has been ordering from Motherbee's. Usually in rush, I said cool, I'm in...cause it looked so good.

 I don't have a kid, and I am now ordering food from Motherbees, so you can say... its for anyone that wants to eat AMAZING DELICIOUS food, that is delivered to your home. The owner, and food preparers  shopped at local farms, research ingredients that are essential for new mom's and actually people with health issues...and its just fantastic. My favorite is the beet, carrot and turmeric salad, and the roasted sweet potato, squash and roseemary salad.

She also has speciality smoothies and teas also, which run about $8.

Food so TOTALLY affordable and if you live in LA, delivery is $8. If you live outside of LA, its $35.

I just started... and I'm afraid to tell people about Heng O...the owner who happens to be gorgeous. Im afraid the pricing will go up but I gotta say, its amazing. Email her that Sharon Sent you!

Check it out by clicking on the title above.

Friday, November 30, 2012


I like these items that are in the NEW ARRIVALS section. I think most of the items i chose are under $20.

Saturday, October 06, 2012


So,regardless of my busy schedule and I still am shopoholic. I just do it late at night now. I can't help myself. I used to shot at Haute Look and Gilt group but I found a better online shop. I have blogged about it before but its really the best. I hate to say it but I buy something every week. This week Tom Ford Glasses, Steven Alan Boots, Vivenne Westwood shoes, Marni Necklaces,
Eugenia Kim Hat or Dr. Hauska skincare...awesome. Everything...70-80% off. Free shipping, free returns...come one! Check it out. Please use me a the referral too if you do decide to buy something!


This is a great story for a food blog or food magazine. Hoda soy. Click on the title above, to see a youtube video of the process. Its pretty fricken cool. As a kid in Vietnam, Minh Tsai, often took morning walks with his grandfather to the neighborhood tofu shack. They would bring the fresh tofu home and enjoy it within hours after it had been prepared. He has taken his knowledge and love of good tofu and basically left his high power job in finance, to start his own company in Oakland.


I have been doing alot of research on what to eat. My dad is a non pretentious foodie, and I am much like my pops in that way, and so our first question is what does someone that has cancer eat. They have NO appetit and is just eating to keep bodily functions working. I guess like all the girls that work at Vogue. So research and research and research... In the beginning, I did alot of studying and it said stay away from any anti-inflammatory foods like hi fat red meats, milk products, fast foods, and pesticides. I found this guy, that is amazing KEVIN GIANNI...not just to look at but also he was diagnosed with cancer in his 20's. He started this cool blog called RENEGAGE HEALTH. I've just found it. Its cool. (click on the title and it will take you to this posting): ...from Kevin Gianni..... Here are my thoughts:
1. The do not eat list… Anything white, sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, anything with chemicals added. It’s a simple list and I think there’s much less argument about many of these than with others — particularly macronutrients, plant families, or animal foods. 2. Coffee like a whip to the adrenals. We chatted about coffee quickly and I liked how Dr. Junger described it — “a whip to the adrenals.” Chocolate can do the same thing. 3. “Jesus turned water into wine, he didn’t turn water into green juice.” This was a great quote from Dr. Junger, that he said when we were discussing alcohol. He’s positive that regular use is not optimal, but when he said this he was referencing the historic use of wine in ceremony. His thought was maybe there is something to it and it has it’s place. So, yes, Jesus did not turn water into green juice. And I, too, believe that there is some medicinal and ceremonial use for alcohol. I also, and maybe Dr. Junger would agree too, believe that if Jesus had a Greenstar, he’d think twice about drinking the wine. 4. On health food fanatics… It’s not worth stressing out so much about your food that you create an acidic environment in the body. Dr. Junger talks about a cousin of his that is so fanatically about her diet that she’s always stressed out. Believe me, I know what this is like. I’ve been there too. I can remember a time when the only thing I thought about was where I was going to get my next meal and if I would be able to get the exact food that I wanted. It was constant stress. I’m sure it affected me negatively — and I definitely know it got my friends and family pissed off at me from time to time… 5. Detoxification supplements? Dr. Junger was careful not to recommend any blanket supplement for detoxification. He did mention the importance of fiber and enzymes, but made it clear that a supplement isn’t going to be the entire answer. Detoxification is a whole body activity, not a take a supplement and forget it process. 6. The Clean Program… We talked briefly about the Clean Program, which is a program that Dr. Junger has created. It’s a program for busy people. Dr. Junger explains that the fastest way to cleanse is water fasting. Then juice fasting and then a raw food program follow. The more you digest, the slower the detox. He also mentions that some of these programs can be to detoxifying for those who live in crowded areas. So his program is kind of an intermediary system that combines a lot of what we know about health with the practicality of real life. 7. You cannot argue with success. I asked Dr. Junger what his colleagues thought about him when he left cardiology to get into natural medicine. He told me, at first, they thought he was throwing away his career. But as soon as he was able to show results, they started to think differently. Basically, nothing speaks louder than results when it comes to proving to anyone — particularly the medical community — that a natural remedy or protocol works.


Hey guys, I been sidetracked lately and have been neglecting my blog lately due to the fact that my dad, who was in remission from Colon Cancer last year, unfortunately was diagnosed with Non Hodgins Lymphoma. Buzzkill. I remember earlier this year being so facinated by the Good Morning America Show, with Robin Roberts. She had just had a fight with breast cancer, and then she got a form of Lymphoma as well. I remember just looking at her on tv, and thinking it must be aweful and does she do it and go on tv everyday. Then, once it happens to you...its like holy shit. My dad was in shock, since Lymphoma is one of the strange cancers that come out of nowhere. His only symptoms was that he was getting tiny little rashes on his face. He didn't get all the others, like swollen glands, night sweats... Lymphoma. It has no discrimination in age...alot of young people randomly get it and my dad, who is 73 got it after being in remission from Colon Cancer. We're not sure where it came from. It could have been in his system prior to being diagnosed with the colon cancer, it could have come from an could have been all the japanese produced products he eats from the Earthquake almost a year ago and the foods...we are not sure. But he has it and we have to figure out what to do. We caught it at an somewhat early stage, we started chemotherapy the day after the biopsy and the diagnosis was given. Its been a whirlwind but its seems that life is like this and shit seems to always happen randomly and so we deal with it and figure it out. So knowing that my dad has another life threatening disease, I have decided to move in with him for a few months and take him through the chemo process. My mom has to take his duties and take care of the family businesses, so I am lucky to be the one to chill with him as long as he wants to stick around and fight. He's a fighter. So back to this blog. I don't have time to shop, or eat, or do the lady of leisure things right now but I can do is take you through what I've been doing daily, or looking up... so those of you who are also just finding out that you or one of your friends or relatives might have been diagnosed with cancer, has a "411" on what they are doing. This is also for me...general information for myself so that I can keep a log of what we are doing, but also for those of you who are dealing with it too, so you can see what a person has to do to survive it. He's done it once, we think that he can do it again. We have an amazing doctor, someone that was the right fit for my pops. The most famous doctors are not necessarily the best doctors for you/a friend/a parent. The best doctor is someone that is highly recommended, has a good record of cancer patients that have survived and that are happy, that attends to the patient in a fast manner, and isn't to famous or busy that doesn't have time, and finally, one that gives patients hope and encouragement to fight. I guess like a good teacher in general... THERE IS SO MUCH SCARY INFO...on the web that will freak you out. Please check with your doctor on the correct and educated websites. HEre are a few that our doc gave us:


Kevin Eat reviewed Gordon Ramsey's new restaurant. I want to go. All these photos are from Kevin Eat's blog...
Check it out.

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Some recent photos i was hired to shoot recently...i love shooting kids.